Here, I will tell two short tales in tandem.
I advise reading one at a time, and then returning to the top.
Each tale has its own music.

Frost lowered their camera, stunned by what they had seen.

Princess drove her fist into her palm, filled with indignant fury.

Frost, a raccoon with dyed blue hair with a prominent pink lock of hair draped in front of their right cheek, lowers their camera, ecstatic. They wear a pink shirt and dark purple shorts. A chainlink fence is visible behind them.
Princess, a white rabbit who uses a wheelchair, smacks her fist into her palm. She wears a rainbow colored hat atop a shock of messy blonde hair which flares out on either side. Her long ears poke out of the top of her hat. A crosswalk is visible behind her, with a car in the distance.

I cannot
believe this!

That has to be the first 540 twist in the history of this skatepark!
Ike, you're gonna be a legend! Did you know I have a crush on you?

They seriously took the train without us while we were trapped!
What a bunch of lousy sociopaths! I, agh, I ought to beat them senseless!

Ikal, an eastern grey treefrog, smiles as he poses with a hand on his skateboard and a fist raised in the air. He wears a straw hat with a blue band above the brim. He wears a black and grey striped tanktop with black diamonds going down the middle of it. He wears brown khaki pants with no shoes on. He sits in the middle of a skateboarding half-pipe which is empty except for him. Behind him, Maddy the oriental garden lizard and Princess the rabbit are visible through the chainlink fence, with trees and a blue sky visible beyond.
Maddy, an oriental garden lizard, presses the tips of her index fingers together and smiles. Her throat is covered in brilliant red scales and she wears her curly black hair in a messy ponytail that doesn't quite reach her shoulders. She wears a pink shirt with a light blue heart on the middle of it, cut short to reveal her belly. She wears a short deep red skirt that reveals a short length of her purple thighs, over which she is wearing bright red thigh-high socks. Trees and a blue sky streaked with sparse clouds fill the background behind her.

Well, yeah,

We're, like, dating. I'd be kinda sad if you didn't like me like that.
Ah, I'm so happy I landed it! You saw that. You saw how hard I worked.

Oh man, Cae is gonna freak out when he sees this.
Wait. Better yet, let's show Rimas! She used to be a legend!
Well, she still is, but she stopped skating. But she knows her stuff!

Yeah, she's ancient and stuff. She was, like, there, you know?
Like I think she predates the invention of the skateboard.
She got like fossilized skateboards in her basement.

Oh man, if we said that in front of her she would FREAK!
Or maybe she'd just laugh really hard. I dunno.
She's a bit unpredictable!

Hey, hey, you getting this pose? It's hard to balance like this.
Snap a pic so we can send it to the newspaper with the vid.
This is front page material right here. Check it.

Hahaha! Ike, come on now!
They can't put a video in the newspaper!

What about those internet newspapers?
Those can have videos, like, embedded and whatever, right?

Oh right, web news. Does Tolikra have a local news site?
We could probably just e-mail them with this vid.
I'll ask Cae, I bet he knows whoever runs it! He knows everyone!

But there's no sense dwelling on it, right? We're better off for it.
Can you imagine if we'd learned about this side of them on the trip?

Ugh... Yeah, I guess you have a point. We can salvage the day at least.
Now I can swing by the bookstore to check on the month's sales.
Ms. Nolie really helped me out with that printing press of hers.

... You mean Rimas?

Give the lady some respect! That's Ms. Nolie to us.
She's a grown woman and a business owner. She's a "Mizz".

I thought she was unmarried... Wouldn't it be... Miss?

That entire system of categorizing women based on marital status...
It's antiquated and patriarchal, so I reject it. As should you.

I'd kinda like being referred to as Miss...
Thinking about it makes me feel desirable.

You're literally so desirable sis.

Frost drapes an arm over Ikal's shoulder and shoots him a joyful grin. Ikal smiles back at his partner.
Princess sighs as Maddie grins bashfully.

Cae probably knows the Emperor I bet.
You saw how much news coverage that court case over his leg got.

If Cae knows the Emperor, I doubt they're friends!

He was at the trial, though. Mask on like always, but he was there.

What do you think the Emperor looks like under the mask?

Wouldn't it be funny as fuck if he was a raccoon like you?

Why would that be funny? I think it'd be nice if he were one.

Because y'all are too goofy.

I'm going to blush!

Can reptiles even blush?

Call me cute again, let's find out.

You wanna go to the cafe after we stop by the bookstore?
It's right next door, not much of a detour.

Sure, I could go for some cafe vibes.

... Cafe vibes?

You cannot deny the vibes in that place are comfy.

... Yeah, I guess so.

Jutse stands in the center, the view showing that Maddy, Princess, Ikal, and Frost were all approaching the same street corner. A massive figure looms behind Jutse, a brown bird wearing an ornate cloak over a tie and dress shirt.
Lively all of a sudden...

Excuse me, sir, are you Doctor Aldwyn?

Who may I ask is speaking?

The man who was addressing Jutse is a man any Adenian Citizen, including him, would recognize.