Ignoring my struggle for survival against the whims of fate...
Addie had departed her spaceship and began her search.
Her demeanor and situation were the opposite of my own.
She was aimless, yet determined and in good spirits.

Addie rounds a corner, completely unaware of the man sprinting after her.

What a gorgeous day! I can't believe I was so nervous.

Now you hang on a damn second!

Baron, a rabbit man, slides around a corner, pointing a finger at Addie, who is offscreen with only the end of her tail visible on the left of the screen.

I knew it! I knew aliens were real!


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State your business and state it quick.
Last guy who snuck up on me wasn't as lucky as you are.
He'd already tasted my blade ten times over before his meat hit the ground.

So quick to violence!

You're one to talk. Speak, or die.

The image is from Addie's perspective. Baron the rabbit has a sword tip pressed against his throat, he looks up at the viewer, a cold rage in his eyes.

Look, Alien, you can kill me, but if your conscience is so muted
that you won't even think about where you land your ship,
then you will never take this planet. Your invasion will fail!

Is that so? I am no alien. I was born and raised in this country.
Where, pray tell, have I landed my ship?

Right in the middle of my junkyard.
Now I can't use my crane until you move it.

The image is from Baron's perspective. Addie continues to hold up her sword, but her expression is horrified.

Wait, you were going to kill me because I parked my ship in the wrong place?

What? Gods no! I was just trying to get your attention!
I just need you to move your ship! Why would I kill you over a parking dispute?
What, are you from the east coast?

Addie, realizing this man didn't mean any harm, let go of him and sheathed her sword.
He coughed several times, desperately trying to catch his breath.

Addie lays a hand on Baron's back while he catches his breath. She has sheathed her sword. Tolikra's skyline is visible in the background.

Wait, how did you know I was from the East Coast?

Knew it. That explains everything.

The image is from Baron's perspective, looking up at Addie. Addie eyes him suspiciously, the sky visible behind her head.

Hey. What did you mean by that?

Baron invited her in, so they could speak, and so he could calm himself down.
Addie snickered at his invitation to have tea, but she accepted and followed him.
Meanwhile, a certain cat descended into the dark world of public transport.

Stitch-Nose assisted by coloring this animation.