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Hey... I'm an indie creator named Bearglyph. I hope you're enjoying my webcomic.
If you'd like to support me so that I can make more stuff like this, I'd appreciate it!
The best way to support me is simply to tell people about Crosslink.
Essentially no one but a few people (including you) knows about this little project.
But you can help! (So please help.)
If you're interested, I have a discord server.
If you're able to throw me a dollar a month or so... I also have a Ko-fi.
Thank you for checking out my humble little project.
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Oh, you're still here?
Ah... You must be bored.
Well, good news, I'm friends with some other talented authors,
and they have webcomics you can read!

ReDUZ is a webcomic by Keewan.
In a distant future populated by anthros, rebuilt from the old human civilization,
LĂșa the vixen, Allie the bat, and Joanne the lynx find themselves involved in a mystery
surrounding the long-extinct humans...

Tukk & Rol is a webcomic by Blake Mathias,
revolving around the high-school lives of Tukk, Rol, and the unsettlingly placid city of B.D.
But what is beneath this peaceful veneer?

Nails the Barbarian is a story set in the DnD unverse,
following a Nails, the tabaxi barbarian, and her unlikely companion, Ravani the kobold,
in their bloody and action-packed quest to save the city.