I've stabilized it. We aren't supposed to be here, if that makes sense.

I'm still a bit confused, actually. I get that this is like, a bad place or whatever.
But, what I don't understand is, where is here? I know that the world is supposed to be here, but isn't, but I don't get why it isn't here. Is it gone? Did we lose against Jutse just now?

I mean... Short answer, yeah. He kinda handed our butts to us with that last whatever-it-was.
Frankly, I have no idea what he did. But I managed to avoid it.

Uh... Rimas.


We managed to avoid it. I'm here too.

Oh, right, yeah. Guess you are. Hm.



Was I not supposed to be here?

I mean, uh, no? Not really. The thing I did was only supposed to work for me.

Did you just try to leave me for dead?

Not on purpose, no. What I was going to do was, like... From here I can technically go anywhere, because at this point, nothing has happened yet.
The world... At least the version of Mersia we're from, doesn't exist yet. It hasn't been created.
Technically, I'm the most real person here. I've been drawn like, six times, and two of those were in color. You haven't even been given a visual design yet.

What do you mean I haven't been given a visual design? I... Oh no.

Hahahaha!! You just figured it out! That's right, we don't even exist yet!

Merely thoughts in some other unfathomably less-powerful being's head. The weakest character there is.

The Author.