Rimas panted with effort as she continued to prepare her spell.
The fight had been going badly enough that she needed to escape from it and allow herself and her friends time to prepare fully.
Rimas holds her hands in front of her, breathing heavily as a spinning pink cube takes on the magical energy pouring from her hands.
She is an experienced mage.
She is the greatest mage she's ever met.
But, even so, she is so scared of what is about to happen that she sees no option but to run away.
She spoke into her radio earpiece.

Cae, he's about to try something crazy. I can sense it. How long until the cannon is charged?

Cae responded with a smug and self-assured air.

We are at 90%... Only two minutes until she's ready to fire.

Marcel, who stood in front of Rimas with his bat at the ready to deflect whatever their foe tried, was skeptical.

Jutse floating in the sky with a ridiculously long sword, silhouetted by blindingly white clouds.
And you're sure that this is gonna work? I don't think you're going to get a second shot if it doesn't.

Cae chuckled grimly.

He won't be able to react in time to dodge or shield himself. Trust me. Please.
It's a laser. A big stinkin laser. There is no dodging this.

Bryph, Cae's partner, could hear the slight nervousness in his voice.
They spoke reassuringly.

You got this.

Bryph squinted through their telescope.

Jutse preparing some sort of attack, holding his hands in front of him with his sword floating at his side.
Marcel, you're gonna want to use a shield. He's summoning the gun cloud again.

Damn it, again?

Marcel sighed.

My arms are still numb from the last time!