Jutse finished charging his attack.

Jutse floating among clouds, holding a white orb with a triangle in it, which occasionally flashes and lets out lightning.
You had the option of infinite happiness, endless fulfillment.
You have chosen to suffer. If this is what you want, then I will gladly grant this to you.
Atom for atom, I will replace you. You will remember dying. And then I will kill you again.

You've gone completely insane, Jutse!

The Creator has chosen suffering for us all.
I alone have been granted the power to reject fate.
I have granted to you knowledge that will one day eat you all alive. This knowledge is a disease.

Jutse floating among clouds, beside a GAU-8 Avenger gun.
Let me cure you.

We're not as weak as you are, Jutse!
We've got a job to do, and we're going to do it!
If you get in our way, we'll kill you!

Jutse floating among clouds, with a great many gatling guns floating in the air behind him.
Weak? HAH!
We'll see who's weak. Love ya, Marce! Now smile wide and accept death like a man!

Cae! How long before you're ready to fire? We're mincemeat here!

Rimas in the top frame standing in a desert and yelling. Cae in the bottom frame sitting in a room with a computer tower next to him, with his fingers up to an earpiece visor.
Uh... 96%... Just fifty more seconds!

Bryph, I could use those shields! Now!

Aye aye, sir!

Bryph slipped out of time and moved the absurdly large piece of naval-grade shielding they had placed in the desert before the fight.
Because time did not pass, Bryph is not changing the velocity of the shielding whatsoever.
This allows Bryph to move arbitrarily heavy objects, up to and including this.

Bryph in the top frame standing in front of a large sandstone boulder and smiling. Marcel in the bottom frame, staring up at an extremely large and heavy metal shield.
Marcel cannot stop time.
In order for him to move objects, he has no choice but to apply the required force.
Even if the object in question is far, far larger than he expected.
Even if it's thousands of times heavier than he is.

- - -

Where the hell and how in the...

Marcel shook his head.
He had more pressing concerns at the moment.

Never mind. Holler when you're back.
Forgot how your time thing worked. Thanks for the shield.

Marcel took a deep breath.
This shield would take quite a bit of strength to utilize.
He tensed every muscle in his body, and opened his soul to the multiverse.

Selves heed my call... Your strength belongs to me!
Ten... thousand-fold... CROSSLINK!!

Marcel concentrating with his hair billowing from the force of his ability, as electricity arcs from his face.

Marcel lifting a gigantic piece of metal plating that is far larger than he is.

Gah!! This thing weighs, like, a million pounds!
Bryph! Your time ability is cheating!!

Yeah? So is yours! Oh, and you're welcome.

Ah, you have another shield?
These guns each have enough ammunition to fire continuously for eighteen seconds, Marcel...
I can have thirty-six of them summoned at once. I will fire eighteen of them at a time.
And then, I will fire the other eighteen. That is a total of thirty-six seconds of continuous fire.
Now, why on Mersia would I tell you this? Why would I let you know exactly what to expect?
Surely I would have kept the advantage by shrouding my abilities in mystery, right? Well, it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter what you do to prepare for this attack.
It doesn't matter how big your shield is! It doesn't matter how many shields you have!
Make peace with death, for it welcomes you!

Jutse floating among several GAU-8 Avenger 30 mm cannons, which are all firing at full power.

Marcel's massive shield lighting up with apocaplyptic gunfire from Jutse.

It's charged! It's ready!


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