November 1, 2022

Okay, sorry I haven't updated in a bit!
I'm now working on page 15! The script is done actually.
Like, the dialogue and that. It's done.
I'm gonna be writing a fun track for this page, since it's the first real conflict.
But like, not real conflict. Fake real. Rimas and Cae are friends, really.
Well, they will be friends, anyway.
I hope you're enjoying the comic! I'm enjoying writing it, as always.
See you again next month!

July 12, 2022

Alright so it's been a bit since my last update here.
Sooorrrryyy! But also, not sorry, I have been working my ass off on these last few pages.
And you are upset with me over the lack of blog updates???
Unconscionable. Inconceivable. Ridiculous.
I'm working on page 10, and after page 10 is posted (targeting July 17th, '22!)
I'll take a break.
I have joined art fight again this year, and consequently I've got a bit on my plate!
But this is still, I believe, a productive use of my time.
Doing artfight makes you a better artist! So for this reason I will go absolutely bonkers.
If you are reading this and would like to add me, my artfight is:
Okay thanks love you byyyeee!!!

February 20, 2022

Page 4 is done!
Also, notice anything at the top of the page?
That's right, buttons!!
My next project is gonna be page 5 of chapter 1.
I might consider chapter 0 "finished" until I've gotten a lot of chapter 1 done.
The other bit is, I'm eventually going to remove the link to chapter 0 from the main page.
You'll still be able to reach it from the other pages, like the log page.
But eventually I'm going to remove those links too.
Because I think that the idea of hiding significant chunks of the comic is fun.
I like the concept of having a story that the reader has to do detective work to find parts of.
Parts of the story that only other readers would know about and have links to.
I want Crosslink to be partly a story that requires some degree of community engagement to fully understand.
Like, someday someone could ask "wait, is the masked marauder Marcel?"
And then other people might respond "oh my god read chapter 0 you noob."
They'd be like "wait, where was chapter 0?"
And the other people would say "The author removed all the links to it because he's insane, but here's the first page."
I might also have there be like, "side pages" where you can only reach it by clicking one of the images.
And instead of being a full page, it's just a couple extra frames and lines of dialogue that might be happening off to the side.
Stuff that the story remains comprehensible in the absense of, but which rewards readers who are curious.
I'm not gonna mention any of this stuff on FB or anything.
If you're actually reading these updates, you're the kinda reader I mean.
Crosslink is actually for you.

February 12, 2022

Been a while! I'm moved over to ko-fi from patreon due to the latter's CEO cavorting with NFT pushers.
I have no interest in encouraging the use of a platform that may one day shift towards that.
Anyway! Big stuff happening. Huge. I've started chapter 1!
I know what you're thinking. "Bearglyph", you ask, "you didn't even finish chapter 0!"
Well now, dear reader, I did a little thing called "biting off more than I could chew".
I do not have the time nor skill to produce the animations necessary to tell this part of the story.
Well, not yet, anyway. I've been practicing a lot with backgrounds, and I think this is evident!
Once I've got maybe ten or twenty pages of chapter 1 finished, I'll block out time for chapter 0.
It's all written, I just need to make time to draw it all.
In any case, Chapter 0 is eventually intended to be completely redrawn in a few years.
You know that's a thing webcomic artists do, right?
We'll spend a few years making a webcomic, sharpening our skills, upping our polish...
And then, we'll go back to tbe beginning of the comic and we'll redraw it!
I'm anticipating doing exactly that! (Fear not, the O.G. chapter 0 shall be archived for all to see.)
I hope you're enjoying the comic so far. I need to figure out how to make a comments section.
I'm a whore for attention and there's no attention I enjoy more than criticism and hate mail!
The sooner I can figure out how to open that floodgate, the better, as far as I'm concerned.
Anyway! Toodles, I'll update again later. Current project is page 4 of chapter 1!

October 2, 2021

I've been, uh, making a lot of cool shit, right?
Haven't updated this thing, though. Oops. Too busy spewing out images and music to talk about what I'm doing.
The plan is, I'm going to do one more introductory page (page 5), and then I'm going to finish the keytar animation from several months ago.
After that, a few more short pages that will come out on a weekly basis, culminating in page 20, which will showcase the fight against the author.
And then, page 21, which will pave the way for Chapter 1 to begin.
From that point forward, I am going to try very hard to keep myself under control so I can continue to make a page a week.
That does unfortunately mean no crazy theatrical stuff like what I've been doing for the first few pages (and what will be done on page 5).
But on the flipside, you won't have to wait months to hear from me again! Won't that be swell?
In any case, by the time I reach chapter 2 (whenever that is), I'll likely be doing this full-time.
And once I'm doing it full-time, I'll be able to devote literally a full working week every week to making this comic.
And not just images, music, too. Speaking of which... When I am done with chapter 0, I am planning to release an EP of all of the music from this chapter!
It will be available on Bandcamp for $5 and will be free to anyone who has been on my patreon at the $5 tier or up.
I will use patreon itself as the distribution method for the free version of the album, so stay tuned for it!
Oh, and by the way...
If you're not on my patreon, and if you are not in my discord by the end of chapter 0...
You're gonna have to shell out to get in there. Sorry, but I gotta eat!
(If you're reading this and I haven't launched chapter 1 yet, just message me on discord and ask for an invite. I'll gladly give you one.)

July 3, 2021

That was a longer-than-intended silence!
This week has been a TON of fun, I've been juggling music composition, making new panels, and working on commissions.
If you're one of the people who commissioned me, THANK YOU!!!
Seriously you all make my dream of doing this full time so much more feasible, and I love you all for it.
Stay tuned, I am dead-set-determined to not only finish all of the commissions before I return to work on tuesday, but also finish page 3.
I will be streaming today and Sunday at 11 AM EST both days! Since I did commission work on Friday the 2nd, I will work on the comic on the 3rd.
I have some really killer ideas for this page... 😈

June 13, 2021

Page 14 is done! This was a fairly experimental page to do.
Please, please let me know what you thought of it.
Should I use music more frequently in the future?
Also, was the long vertical image fun or annoying? I wanted to give the extreme impression of scale and I hope that came across.
If anyone is reading this, thank you so so much.

June 8, 2021

Okay, I feel like I'm making progress on page 14.
This is probably the heaviest conflict in the entire story thus far, and it sets up for the animation (which will now be page 15) quite well.
I've been finishing the patreon art at a pretty good pace too, I think.
I've set up a trello to track progress on both the patreon requests and the comic! This is that trello.
The trello will serve as a quantitative and granular tracker for how much work I've actually completed over time.
This page will continue to serve as a non-canon screambox where I can talk about the qualitative side of how I'm feeling.
It's my website, darn it, I get to designate a corner of it for venting lmao. (Mostly at myself over self-imposed deadlines)

June 3, 2021

This is now entering development hell mode.
On the bright side, I did finish an update, so check that out if you haven't. (Page 13).
I am going to plug away at that animation, though I (again) have a family get-together that falls on Sunday, so no stream unfortunately.
After that, though, it might once again be smooth sailing.
Once I finish the jam animation, the next animation is the author fight itself, and then Chapter 0 will be over.
I'm planning to end Chapter 0 around August. Hopefully I don't drift much further off-track.
Thanks again for reading!

May 23, 2021

So, unfortunately (unsurprisingly really), I was not able to produce a full 3 minutes 40 seconds of animation in one afternoon.
However, I made fantastic progress and learned how to do a few things pretty well.
So, I actually have Thursday off. I also have the evenings after my day job.
I am pretty sure I can at least put something I'm proud of together by midnight on Thursday.
In any case, stay tuned! This is gonna be worth the wait.
Not only is it gonna be a cool and fun animation with original music, but it's also the first instance of voice acting.
Some really hefty plot shit happens! So... See you on Thursday!

May 22, 2021

Okay so I'm working on the animation for tomorrow.
It'll probably have to be relatively simple as a matter of necessity.
I'm really happy with how the audio came out, though. Very excited for this update.
Also... This is gonna be kind of a blog sort of thing.
So if I ever stop updating on Sundays, I will always at least update this part of the site to explain what's up.

May 10, 2021

So, uh... Hey! I'm the author of Crosslink, BearGlyph!
But you probably (definitely) already know that.
What is Crosslink about? It's basically a metaphor for the creative process.
The "Antions" represent distractions from creating, as well as the negative emotions that make it more difficult to create.
Void represents the resistance of the blank canvas to the act of creation, and the constant temptation to simply throw it all away, unfinished.
I don't think that Void is the villain, even though I'm obviously using her that way within the narrative.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm probably going to update this page very often. Probably no one will read this, which is the way I like things.
If you are reading this... Hello!