I am glad you are interested in this world's history.
The belligerents in this war were the magical titan, Teth,
and the technologically advanced Aden.

Two lizards holding staves face off against two wolves holding rifles.
More so than other wars, this was a bloody and pointless war in the eyes of my nation.
We were certain that Teth would win this war without question.
The eldest mages of this country, those of 100 years,
rivalled our younger draconic speakers of 2000 years.
If only sapes could live for thousands of years as we dragons do,
their magical might could well outstrip ours.
Before Teth's ability to call lightning from the heavens and magma from the ground,
Aden's supposed "technological might" was mere party tricks.

Or so we foolishly believed.

For when I was a mere hatchling, twenty-five years ago, Aden used a nuclear weapon against Teth.
Were it not for that singular moment in history, I may have led a very different life.
A weapon with such power had been unheard of.
Even magically enchanted weaponry could not stand against this.
We did not care about the outcome. We are neutral in all sape wars.
However, the nuclear bomb with which Aden regained its foothold in the war scared us.
My homeland, at the north pole, grew wary that Aden may turn its gaze northward next.
I was sent to gauge whether Aden could pose a challenge to our home, FeyndraigFAYN-drayg.
If I determined that Aden's technological development would challenge the might of dragons...
Feyndraig intended to raze Aden to the ground, and incinerate every man, woman, and child.
They would have ensured that under no circumstances could man pose an existential threat to dragons.
At the time, I did not know this was the true reason for my journey there.
Had I known that I was a spy, that my actions could have resulted in the death of my friends...
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